It’s that time of year when we see gratitude come into the spotlight. With Thanksgiving approaching, gratitude is somewhat of a buzzword. Everyone is talking about what they are thankful for in life as we gather with friends and family.

The truth is, this kind of gratitude should not only be limited to the Thanksgiving season. In fact, practicing gratitude year-round can have some tremendous benefits on your mental health and happiness! Here’s how…

Gratitude Can Change Your Attitude

The ‘attitude of gratitude’ can be a life-changing thing! It can help you get rid of negative, toxic emotions by helping you focus on the good things in life. Gratitude helps let go of aggression and anger in difficult situations. Someone who is grateful can develop better self-esteem allowing them to appreciate others and their accomplishments instead of being resentful or jealous.

Gratitude Can Change Your Perspective

Being grateful also helps develop a positive attitude. Grateful people are more likely to be kind and empathetic which leads to less frustration and anger. Gratitude also brings optimism which helps people develop a “glass half full” outlook on life.

Once you start seeing the glass as half full instead of half empty, you can live a happier life. It’s been proven that gratitude can help you find a happiness that lasts. Start taking the time to express thankfulness every day and you’ll start seeing the results.

Gratitude Can Improve Your Health

Aside from all of the obvious mental health benefits, gratitude can also have tremendous benefits on your physical health. Studies have shown that being thankful can help decrease depression within weeks. Thankfulness can also help people sleep better. If you count your blessings before bed, you will have more positive thoughts and a better night’s sleep!

Giving thanks can also help you improve your self-care routine. People who are generally more grateful in life appreciate and care for themselves more.

No matter how you look at it, developing an ‘attitude of gratitude’ can be transformative! It can increase your mental wellness by building resilience and coping skills to help get you through tough times. It helps people move away from materialism toward transformative change. It can help people become less self-centered but more confident.

The list goes on and on…

Whether you decide to keep a journal or start the morning off by counting your blessings, the attitude of gratitude can change your life for the better. We’re here for you!