How Neuro Health Maine is Adapting to the Covid-19 Pandemic

The safety and well-being of our patients is our top priority. We are temporarily suspending in-person TMS treatments until the danger of spreading coronavirus/COVID-19 has passed.

Now is the Perfect Time to Get Started

However, we are determined to use this time to serve our patient base who is still in-need of mental health care. Therefore, we are offering FREE TMS consultations whereby we’ll be walking patients through the steps of applying for insurance-covered TMS treatment once the pandemic has passed. This application process usually takes 4-6 weeks, therefore, now is the perfect time to begin the application.

We do not normally offer free consultations of this nature but we’re eager to ensure each application is successful and during this pandemic we have the time and resources to make such a service available.

Please Call or Text: 207-233-8804 to Schedule a Consultation with Our Medical Staff

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