Your Brain is Unique and Your TMS Treatment Should be Customized

When you come to us for Guided TMS treatment we want to understand you and specifically, your unique brain. We want to look at the activity in your brain and detect the parts that are not working properly and moreover, how they are not working properly. Rather than take the “cookie-cutter” approach of many TMS practices we can use the technology of an EEG and produce a report that gives us guidance as to how to treat your brain more specifically with TMS.

What this means to you is that your treatment is tailored to you and therefore gives you a much better chance of a successful outcome with TMS.

The brain is electro-chemical. Different areas should have different activity levels or frequencies. Standard TMS treats one area with a standard frequency. With Guided TMS or Brain Mapping we treat your brain with the specific frequency needed to make the change to lift your depression.

Just like every person is unique, every brain is unique.

A major factor in who we are is our brain. A major factor in how happy we are in life is also our brain. Is it balanced? Are the various parts of the brain functioning as they should?

Often people tell us they hit their head as a child – maybe fell out of a tree or off a bike. Not necessarily a severe concussion. A head injury, even mild, changes the brain. Other times we hear of people with a family history of depression or anxiety. And we hear of people who have suffered from emotional trauma. Sometimes it is a capital “T” trauma such as physical abuse and other times it is a series of small “t” traumas. All these issues change the brain.

The goal of TMS is to change the “wiring” in your brain. What fires together, wires together. Trauma changes the wiring as does a head injury and genetic predispositions. Our team will help correct your brains wiring. We also will teach you brain health habits to help you keep that change.

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